Bristlecone pine
TB-ditto the hammer
TB-mini insert
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The tree inspection hammer

TB-dito was developed in collaboration with arborists and tree inspector experts. The diagnostic tool for more professionalism, efficiency and pleasure.

TB-mini insert

TB-mini insert

Hoe function for tree inspection.

Replaceable insert for the Simplex 30 soft-face hammer. Efficiency in tree control.

The company

We cultivate a cooperative management style and a sense of humour is not neglected.

Tree inspection

"Eyes on", visual tree inspection, as with all diagnostic procedures the basis.


Our friendly staff are trained at the Chamber of Agriculture.


The future TOP topic. Already in the front row with us.

Tree felling

Tree felling is something for professionals with the right equipment ...

Garden Maintenance & Landscape

Basic gardening knowledge must not be lost. We take the time for this.

Discover Nature's Stories

Plant research
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Escape is not an option.

Impressive and sophisticated, terrifying and deadly. Plants are neither defenceless nor squeamish.

Information board General Sherman Tree
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The biggest trees.

The General Sherman tree, a giant sequoia weighing 1300 tonnes. Incredible dimensions.

Bristlecone Pine White Mountains
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The oldest trees.

The oldest specimens of the Bristlecone pines, in the White Mountains. Time seems to stand still here.