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The tree inspection hammer

TB-dito was developed in cooperation with tree inspectors and surveyors. The control hammer for more professionalism, efficiency and pleasure.

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We could philosophise for a long time about how great it is. The feel, the weight, the material, the shape of the fin ....

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Or what the customer says when he sees us with it: "What have you got there?", "Can I have a go?", "That's cool!"....

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TB-dito is a quality tool that we build with high quality components and time.
You have the possibility to test TB-dito for 2 weeks. Freely according to the motto: NO RISK! MORE FUN!
Get your test device. We look forward to it.

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Prototype IV (2017)

Petrified Forest
National Park 1906
Arizona, USA
--- It's a dry heat ---

Special equipment for arborists & tree inspectors

All prices plus VAT, packaging & shipping Germany: 5,50 € to 8,60 € plus VAT, from 500 € free shipping. Shipping costs to all other countries will be communicated on request.

Purchase on account is our standard payment method, payment term 30 days. Exact details are listed in the AB.

Please order via our PDF order form. By e-mail or telephone is of course also possible.

Delivery time: TB-dito Standard 2 weeks, TB-dito Multitool 3-5 weeks, otherwise within one week.

For information on the individual units, please click on the pictures!

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new product under development

Product in transit

Not just for kids. But very good for their education. Stay tuned.


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The free offer is limited to Germany. To all other Arborists: Please send an email and we will check the freight costs. Thank you.

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Made in Germany
Made for Arborists
Registered utility model
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