TB-dito "Multitool

May the most important things be with you.

348 € (plus VAT) Item no.: TBD2010

  • Soft-face hammer for tapping the wooden body (the must-have)
  • Hoe to expose root runs from litter, remove loose bark, light soil probing, etc. (worth its weight in gold, really fun, rhizomorph searching made easy).
  • Probing rod for cavity exploration (finally well stowed, for the perfect tapping sound it may be necessary to remove the probing rod, e.g. thick bark).
  • Scraper knife for bark diagnosis, e.g. cracks, necroses, exudate spots, taking wood samples (tear rake-like)
  • Altimeter to estimate the height of the tree (gimmick needs practice. Since you hold the stem a little away from your eye, the tree can quickly appear 1-2 m higher).
  • Scale for photo documentation: e.g. can be plugged into excavation when roots are torn off (with real timing, e.g. when ground work is being carried out)

Impact insert, d 40 mm, selectable:

  • Standard equipment: plastic, red, hard (lighter tone)
  • Optional without surcharge: rubber composite, black, medium hard, damping (muffled sound)

Personalisation included:

  • Your name behind "TB-dito". The length is limited to 145 mm. You can test the length of the name in our order form.
Technical data
  • Head: V4A stainless steel, stainless steel rivets, length approx. 195 mm
  • Handle: Hickory, deep seal (Food and Toy Safe BS:EN71 P3), 8 x Tru-Oil seal, EPDM
  • Probe rod: stainless spring steel, total length approx. 35 cm, useful length solo approx. 25 cm, useful length inserted into the tool approx. 55 cm, TIG welded, blades made of stainless steel with special hardness.
  • Handle end: V4A nut with welded-on grip end, stainless steel threaded sleeve
  • Weight approx. 650 g
  • Total length: approx: 420 mm

Wood is a natural product and can show discolourations, bark inclusions, colour differences, etc. This is what makes it exciting and individual. This does not affect the durability. Otherwise we will supply a replacement free of charge.

Takecare package

We want your tool to last a long time. For this reason, we supply the following for the care of the wooden handle and to even out minor scratches:

  • Tru-Oil wood oil, vial, top class wood protection
  • Special sandpaper
Operating instructions