TB-dito Standard

Essential functions for tree inspection.

125 € (plus VAT), Item no.: TBD1010

  • Soft-face hammer for tapping the wooden body (the must-have)
  • Hoe to expose root runs from litter, remove loose bark, light soil probing, etc. (worth its weight in gold, really fun, rhizomorph searching made easy).
  • Scale for photo documentation: e.g. can be plugged into excavation when roots are torn off (with real timing, e.g. when ground work is being carried out)

Impact insert, d 40 mm, selectable:

  • Standard equipment: plastic, red, hard (lighter tone)
  • Optional without surcharge: rubber composite, black, medium hard, damping (muffled sound)

Personalisation included:

  • 1. engraving: your name behind "TB-dito". The length is limited to 145 mm. You can test the length of the name in our order form.
  • 2. engraving on the opposite side (only available on the standard version).

This makes the following possible, for example:

1. engraving: company/authority

Technical data
  • Head: V4A stainless steel, stainless steel rivets, length approx. 195 mm
  • Handle: hickory, deep seal (Food and Toy Safe BS:EN71 P3), 8 x Tru-Oil seal
  • Weight approx. 500 g
  • Total length: approx. 400 mm

Wood is a natural product and can show discolourations, bark inclusions, colour differences, etc. This is what makes it exciting and individual. This does not affect the durability. Otherwise we will supply a replacement free of charge.

Takecare package

We want your tool to last a long time. For this reason, we supply the following for the care of the wooden handle and to even out minor scratches:

  • Tru-Oil wood oil, vial, top class wood protection
  • Special sandpaper
Operating instructions