TB-mini carrier LOCK

Holster for the Simplex 30 soft-face hammer with LOXX® locking fastener for quick and secure access.

46 € (plus VAT) Item no.: TBD7020

  • Holster for the belt
  • with ingenious safety lock Made in Germany
  • TB-dito is thus quasi captive
  • Safely on steep slopes, in bushes, when climbing
Technical data
  • Water buffalo leather, approx. 3.5 mm thick, colour: dark brown
  • stitched with leather
  • 2 x warm waxed
  • Ingenious LOXX® stainless steel locking cap, only pulling up the cap releases the tool
  • Closure screwed and not riveted, easy replacement is therefore possible
  • "TB-mini" in the first line
  • Then come 2 lines for your personalisation. The length is limited to 30 mm. You can test the length of the name in our order form. A nice variation is a logo in portrait format. A small but fine detail.