TB-mini insert with Simplex 30

Simplex 30 with TB-mini insert, mounted

65 € (plus VAT) Item no.: TBD7011

Allowance for names on Simplex 30: 9 € (plus VAT)

  • Hoe for exposing root runs from litter, removing loose bark, light soil probing, etc.
  • Soft-face hammer for tapping the wooden body

Impact insert, d 30 mm, selectable:

  • Standard equipment: plastic, red, hard (lighter tone)
  • Optional without surcharge: rubber composite, black, medium hard, damping (muffled sound)

Personalisation as an allowance on request (€9):

  • Your name. The length is limited to approx. 100 mm.
Technical data
  • Use see above
  • Malleable cast iron
  • Impact insert d 30 mm
  • Length approx. 295 mm
  • Width approx. 140 mm
  • Weight approx. 350 g
Operating instructions