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The tree inspection hammer

TB-dito was developed in cooperation with tree inspectors and surveyors. The control hammer for more professionalism, efficiency and pleasure.

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We could philosophise for a long time about how great it is. The feel, the weight, the material, the shape of the fin ....

tb-dito 03

Or what the customer says when he sees us with it: "What have you got there?", "Can I have a go?", "That's cool!"....

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TB-dito is a quality tool that we build with high quality components and time.
You have the possibility to test TB-dito for 2 weeks. Freely according to the motto: NO RISK! MORE FUN!
Get your test device. We look forward to it.

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Prototype IV (2017)

Petrified Forest
National Park 1906
Arizona, USA
--- It's a dry heat ---

Also for use in the context of intensive, visual tree examination.

dito= to say, to mean (Latin dicere) or Diagnosistool.

WHY? For more professionalism, efficiency and joy.


The goal was always to build a cool tool that does justice to us arborists and motivates us. With DIY tools from the rummage table, this positive effect somehow comes up short. ENJOY YOUR WORK.

Some things you don't really question despite knowing better, you just act. But when something has gone wrong, you remember a small mental background impulse in the decision-making phase. Of a small cell that desperately wanted to communicate. But it didn't manage to ignite the fireworks via the synapse. You think to yourself, "Too bad I didn't think about it properly, I actually knew better, then it would have gone differently." You just don't have time, you have a lot on your mind, the daily business is calling. But if the cell manages to sensitise the brain to this moment, then improvements can come about. It was at such a moment that the idea for TB-dito was born.

Actually, we didn't have the time for such a project. But at first it was just our own hammer, welded together after work. It was only later that the thought occurred to us that every arborist actually needs this tool. And who builds something for the small green sector? For arborists, tree inspectors and co? We knew that if we didn't do it ourselves, nothing would happen.

Dictum, factum. Putting together what belongs together.

During the two and a half years of development we implemented ideas, tips, wishes, visions and hints from professionals who used the device in their daily work. At this point, we would like to thank all those involved (friends, employees, tree inspectors, experts, suppliers, customers, ...). They steered the project without knowing it and we had to follow every tip and criticism without reservation. Unfortunately, this often called into question the feasibility and the progress made so far. One came straight back to the start without much diversions. Development work is one of the hardest jobs of all.

Personalisation. Isn't that great?

Who with colleagues in the workshop works together, knows, that your own tools are worth their weight in gold. You don't always want to askwhether anyone has seen the "gun". Without initials or name on the good Piece is the advantage, however, is also quickly history. Ergo engraved you put your initials on it. This is also interesting for gloves, when too many lying around without a master. If you treat yourself or your employees to a special tool and the manufacturer offers this service included, I would definitely take it. I also think it's an appreciation to the operator himself, to the People who work with trees when their personal name is on it. But OK, every person is different and if it has to be done, it can be done completely. normal without.

The price or NO RISK. MORE FUN.

TB-dito is not delivered ready-made and "only" sent to you. The actual production process only begins with your order and goes far beyond simple assembling. The marriage of stem and head is only possible when your name is on the tool and the wood is prepared for outdoor use. Unusually, we give a full 24-month warranty on TB-dito. If something is wrong with the tool, we will provide a solution as quickly as possible.

To verify our representations and the functions, we will gladly send you a test device. We will pay the shipping costs in Germany (both directions). Please return the test device to us at the end of the test period. It would be very kind of you to give us a short feedback on the test.

The tools.

TB-dito standard version. The essence.

TB-dito is a tree control hammer, you could also call it a tree control hoe. Since the hammer function is probably the main function for most users, this would only apply to a few enthusiasts. That describes the main functions. Hammer and hoe. For the hammer, you can choose the type of impact insert, plastic or rubber. Every tree inspector is well equipped with the standard version of TB-dito, which is essential, e.g. for tree inspectors who want to use their own probing stick and for whom screwing on the multitool is too much of a nuisance.

TB-dito multitool version. The most important thing always at hand.

In the multitool version, we packed everything our hearts desired. In addition to a hammer and pick, a probe, a scraper, a scale and a treestand. The laser pointer and telescope are still missing. Extremely practical, for example, for preparing quotations for private customers so that they don't have to keep running to their cars. With interested customers who have an affinity for tools, the appointments still take a little longer. Of course, you can also choose the impact insert here.

TB-dito carrier Lock. Now you will never lose.

The new version of TB-dito Träger emerged from a customer discussion: TB-dito carrier LOCK. Our customer had to look for his diagnostic tool on a steep slope because it had fallen out of the holster unnoticed. For this reason, we pimped our carrier with the LOXX® locking cap made of stainless steel. Only pulling up the cap releases the tool. The safety catch is really an ingenious part and goes wonderfully with a high-quality tool. The lock is not riveted, but screwed, so that a replacement part can easily be fitted if it loses its function. The carrier is personalised with 2 x 8 digits, included of course. The holster is made of high quality cowhide and is probably inheritable if well cared for.

TB-mini insert. Smart part. Nickname assembled version: Shorty

When a tree inspector, who had ordered a test unit of the TB-dito, opened the box, she almost had a stroke ... She did not expect such a big tool, the disappointment was at least as big. I had to swallow hard when she told me about her experience and was frustrated for a moment. But she didn't let up and briefed me on the dimensions of her dream hammer. I knew she was right and that some tree inspectors would surely be happy about the "golden" function of the small 30 mm soft-face hammer. Due to the high investment costs, a new construction was ruled out and it became a retrofit part for the Simplex 30.