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Tree protection during construction work

Prevention is better than treatment.

In the planning phase of a construction project, the impact on the tree population must be taken into account.

The necessary tree protection is to be tendered separately in positions by the specialist planner. Tree protection is also the construction of root search trenches and "pruning" of roots before trenching or surface excavation takes place and usually causes major damage to the trees.

Tree in construction site
Head tree pruning

Special cuts:
Pruning, head pruning, ...

The aim of young tree care is a statically resilient crown structure that is adapted to the site conditions. These 20 minutes should be scheduled every 3 to 4 years.

In the picture: pollarding, pruning is done regularly, 1-2 years, during dormancy. Longer intervals eventually lead to capping and have nothing in common with regular pollarding.

Tree care with crawler work platform

Crown care

Crown maintenance involves removing dead, diseased, dying and rubbing branches. The clearance profile is corrected if necessary.

Particularly on old and ancient trees, care measures must be carried out with special care and sensitivity.

Because every leaf is important, especially for older trees that no longer have the growth dynamics they had when they were young.

Crown bracing

Crown bracing is installed to prevent the breakage of branches at risk, to stabilise cracked areas or to prevent parts of the tree from falling, even after they have broken.

The materials and installation options are very variable and can be combined with each other, depending on the specifications of the tree itself.

In the picture, the crown protection prevented the tree from falling onto the road.

Fuse avoids accident

Crown shortening

The shortening or pruning changes the shape of the tree. In the area of tree protection statutes, this measure is subject to approval.

The amount of pruning is given in metres of pruning length. The arborist is required to carry out this pruning work.

He has to find the right path between design/aesthetics and the tree's own specifications.
Crown pruning should not be confused with brutal, tree-destroying pollarding.

Crown shortening