Arborist removes fallen tree from roof
Tree felling 1

Tree felling

Safe & sound are the quality aspects.

If a tree becomes a danger and has to be felled, we have the experience and the appropriate equipment.

Species protection

Legally and normally thinking, we are obliged to carry out a species protection assessment before carrying out felling work. If habitats, nests, cavities are encountered, if colonisation is detected, changes are necessary in cooperation with the environmental agency.

Woodpecker Species conservation
Squirrel species conservation

Tree felling

If a tree becomes a hazard and has to be felled, we have the experience and the appropriate equipment to carry out even hazardous felling without danger. Whether with the aerial work platform on a truck or caterpillar chassis, rope climbing technology or with a mobile crane.

You can mulch your garden areas with the chippings produced. Inexpensive, good for the plants and our environment.

tree felling
Tree felling 

Stump milling

Tree stump milling completes the tree felling and allows us to mill out the trunk remains/rootstock, down to a depth of 30-60 cm.

The respective use of machinery depends on the space conditions encountered.
You decide how the milled surface is to be prepared.

The milled material is ideally suited as soil improvement or planting substrate for rhododendron plantings.

Stock rot
Mill out tree stumps